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PrimePro - noun A worker that possesses a great attitude, reputation for a strong work ethic, and proven demonstration in an array of validated skills, certifications, and experience.

Scale up your projects with our PrimePro workers ready and available upon request. Our PrimePros are alwaysjob ready and equipped with own tools along with PPE specific to their trades and skillsets—simply put, they're just ready to work.

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Our strongest workforce means our PrimePros are always high in demand. With the right skillsets and right work ethic they are prime to getting jobs done the right way.

Rates for each of our PrimePro workers will vary depending on skills, experience, and qualifactions.

Download our PrimePro Rate Sheet to view our rates for some of our PrimePros.



Making it Simpler, Easier to Request a PrimePro

Make a Request

Call our office, fill out the form below, or request a PrimePro account and start posting your requirements with specific positions you need filled.

Review Job and Confirm Details

Our team will review and confirm the details of the job you need to get filled along with the paperwork to set you up as a new client.

Notify Our Pool of PrimePros

If you don't have an account with us, we will send a job request to our pool of PrimePro workers via PrimePro app, text, or email. We will then match you with the best PrimePro who is available that meet the required qualifications, skills, certifications, and abilities.


Once approved, we dispatch our PrimePro(s) to your jobsite.

With a PrimePro account you can also verify your candidates' credentials through their online profiles and approve their submitted job hours.

We handle all payroll duties for you along with invoices sent to you weekly for all work completed.

** The Government of Alberta continuously updates guidelines and protocols with regards to the COVID-19 work environment. To ensure our workforce is meeting these guidelines we will also be ensuring our PrimePros answer our COVID-19 questionnaire, wearing face coverings, and maintaing distancing when possible.

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